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Ralph Bakshi meets Dame Rowling

Hey, everybody! What if the Harry Potter series ends the same way as that old movie Wizards? Wouldn't that be cool? Professor Death thinks so, but he allows as how other people might not agree.

No kidding. IMNSHO, it would suck worse than just about anything that has ever sucked before in the long history of science fiction/fantasy suckitude. It's been almost thirty years since Bakshi ripped off Vaughn Bode to produce one of the most cynical and ugly pieces of animation ever made, which proved to me that Bakshi needed to stick to p0rn and stay the fuck out of my ghetto. As God is my witness, I've seen tentacle pr0n with more redeeming social value, and I'm pretty sure Flesh Gordon had higher production values. Jesus X. Christ on a crutch. While I usually agree with these law profs' tastes in SF, in this case they're way off base and should be sentenced to read several megabytes' worth of HP fanfic (preferably selected from fandom_wank for their extreme excrescence) as a punitive measure.
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