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Just another milblogger...

Jeff Quinton of Backcountry Conservative is compiling a list of bloggers who served in the military, by way of comparison to another table showing which political and media figures did time in the service and when.

My own service is lengthy but not all that remarkable.
1979-82 U.S. Army, EW/SIGINT Voice Interceptor (Russian/German) and armorer with the 331st ASA Company in West Germany.
1983 Supply sergeant and infantry fire team leader, C-1/115 Infantry (Maryland Army National Guard)
1984-1994 EW/SIGINT Voice Interceptor (Russian/German/Spanish) with ECM qualifier with the 523rd ASA Company, which became A/147th MI Battalion, later A/134th MI Battalion, all three units USAR.

I also spent trivial amounts of time (2 drills) with the 5th Psyops Company and the 99th ASA Company (USAR) and was assigned to the 340th ASA Company/11th ACR but was reassigned to the 331st since the 340th was overstrength when I showed up.

Via Michelle Malkin's blog
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