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not a good end to the day

Today was moderately busy at work; I spent about half of it mangling spreadsheets and maybe another hour or so doing research, closing AU, and enjoying similar wild delights. So it was okay - not jumping through my butt to get things done, but not desperately trying to look busy, either.

Unfortunately things went downhill immediately when I stepped out of the building to head home. It's supposed to hit 91 degrees today, and I was thinking about swimming when I got home, but there's laundry to be done and I don't see how I'm going to do that plus the dish washing that needs doing, much less get in an hour in the pool. Especially since I managed to lose my keys on the way home. >_< Worst case, they came off on the bus and I'll never see them again; more hopefully, they're at work somewhere. We'll see. I'm holding off having new keys cut until I see if they show up at work.

I picked up CJ Cherryh's Chanur's Legacy, which is an omnibus of Chanur's Homecoming and the title novel, which I hadn't been aware of before I saw the paperback combo-pack edition. I'm thinking I need to re-read it before I know what I really think, but my first impression is that it's Chanur Saga: The Next Generation, what with the main character being Pyanfar Chanur's niece Hilfy, who is captaining a ship of her own and -much like her aunt - winds up in a hairy situation she wanted no part of at all.

Well, I suppose I better get going on dinner so I can do all the other stuff on tonight's agenda.