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A nation of yahoos?

So what's the deal witht he Internet? Is it making us a nation of ignorant fucks mainly interested in pr0n and sports a la Idiocracy? Or is that kind of talk the whining of an intellectual mandarinate that has never gotten the respect it thinks it deserves? I think the truth is somewhere in the middle, myself - we've always had a large population of people that aren't interested in classical music and other high-falutin' pleasures, and the Internet now allows them to have their thoughts & preferences on display for the rest of the world to see. (Rachel)

I think one of the obvious rejoinders to Michael Gorman's whining is the spread of music videos as an art form (oh, hey, Stahlregen's got a new one out, BTW) since these combine video imagery and music in complex forms that at their best require repeated consideration and analysis. Not only is the form itself complex, but crafting them has gone from a rare skill practiced by a handful of people with expensive -occasionally custom-made- equipment to a popular form of entertainment accessible to millions of adolescents using off-the-shelf hardware and software packages that are only moderately expensive. I don't think anything has had this kind of impact on popular culture since the advent of the electronic synthesizer.

On a more personal level, I think I need to tweak the WMP settings on the Dell. I tried to burn a new mix CD before work today, but it crapped out after eight songs. There was nothing obviously wrong with the CD I was using, so I may try burning it again at a lower speed and see if that works better.
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