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Claycon 14

On the second day of Keflex I felt like crap and my legs were swollen, so I decided to blow off the Convergence meeting.

I did take some time to go over to the Penn-Lake library and "host" the Stipple collation. Spent a pleasant half-hour or so chatting with Jeanne, jolest, and luned about work and stimulating interest in the APA, whose page count is down to 15 now that some of the old stalwarts like huladavid have fallen prey to RL. Ironically, our salvation may be on the intarwebs; Starwolf apparently found an online listing of APAs and will be adding Stipple to it as soon as Jeanne gets an e-mail address for it.

After the collation I went home and sat around in a daze playing EVE with no great enthusiasm; nobody I knew was online, and that takes some of the fun out of it. I thought I should make an appearance at Claycon to say hello if nothing else since this will very likely be my last one, and moseyed over there about 1930 with a stop at Rainbow for soda (Sadly, I can no longer assist with beer depletion.). This year I chose the badge name "Not Bob From Marketing"*, which was a good conversation starter** as it allowed me to spread the good word about EVE, which oddly enough most people in this gathering of SF fans/IT geeks hadn't heard of. Thanks to a lot of conversations and a fatal game of Zar, I didn't get out of there until about 0700 today. OMFG, goodbye sleep cycle.

Napped until about noon and then lay around insensate for a couple more hours until jamestrainor called. I finished showering, dressing and downing the "morning" drugs just as he arrived. We hit the pool for about half an hour or so before heading off to Eagan for Chinese at the New China. It was okay. I should probably log into EVE and do a few logistical things before crashing early...and maybe turn on the a/c, as the long-promised heat seems to be settling in now that the evening is here. WTF.

*In honor of fellow Goonfleet pilot "BobFromMarketing", who is much better at PVP than I am and has a cooler sig besides.

**Unlike last year, when "Stunt Double For Francis Sandow" clicked with nobody.
Tags: eve, family drama, stippleapa, the bush of fandom
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