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Something to offend everybody!

Jessica Alba is smarter than John Trasvina. Better looking, too. So why are we paying more attention to what he thinks than what she thinks? It's not like anybody actually elected this pendejo except his fellow ambulance-chasers. (Link to Alba's wisdom also contains more sensible talk from Al Pacino. Via Michelle Malkin, whose new web design is teh suck.)

Jane Galt has a few words to say about the cultural aspects of the immigration issue. Then she goes on to squash a few assumptions about the good old days of the melting pot, including the priceless line "Your ancestors weren't welcomed; they were reviled," and an invidious comparison of the Latin American ilegales to their fellow Catholics from the Emerald Isle. Bwahaha.

Also, new cartoons from Cobb: Prosecutorial Follies and Baquba.
Haven't heard about Baquba? We got General Odierno to bring you up to speed on that.

I thought I originally saw this on Murdoc, but I was wrong. Take a gander at the Military Motivator blog.
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