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o rly?

Found out by sheer random chance (i.e. calling stuckintraffik to shoot the shit about random stuff) that the OMGWTFBBQ is actually tomorrow and not on the 23rd. I guess I picked a good day to practice my Emperor Ming impression. This solves several problems, among which are:

1. How do I unfuck my schedule on the 23rd between 3 and 6 so I'm not doing 3 things at the same time?
2. What's for dinner Saturday?
3. I haven't seen my AD peeps since the last staff meeting, except for jamestrainor. :(
4. I need to get out of the apartment more, and not just for work, convention work, shopping and laundry.

Still don't know what I'm going to bring, but the default will probably be soda. You can never have too much of that, especially the way the weather's been lately.
Tags: anime detour, friends

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