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Not long before the end

I got a note from the building management yesterday reminding me that my lease is going to expire September 1 and that I need to let them know if I'm going to sign on for another year or what. Obviously in my case it's "or what", but I'm going to type them up a polite "thanks but no thanks" letter informing them that I'll be clearing out at the end of August. I'll actually be moving out around mid-August, since I may need to attend new teacher orientation somewhere in the Commonwealth before school starts. This means I also need to start hunting for movers. I made a preliminary search on umove.com and got one bid from some u/i company to do it for $1500, which is probably high for what I want done, but then again labor's not cheap and I'm not going to pack all this crap myself. Not even the half of it that isn't already in boxes.

Made the call to HR today and found out that they can liquidate my 401k in about two business days. It's a paperless exercise, thank goodness, but I do have to wait until I'm actually off the payroll, so I believe I'll give notice at the end of July. After I get the last paycheck for that month I'll use about a third of my 401k to pay off my two credit cards, my line of credit (which can then die in a fire) and cope with whatever expenses I have between the end of my time at the EBN and my first paycheck from whoever hires me. I ought to know by August who that's going to be and where they are. There are apparently a lot of schools out in the rural part of Virginia looking for teachers (not just Smithfield High in Isle of Wight County, although that would still be a cool place to teach imho) so I'm not too worried about finding a job. This may be excessively optimistic of me, but we'll see. My pension isn't so much of a big deal - I've got 90 days to deal with that, and it can wait until I'm settled down someplace out east.

It's probably not too surprising that after contemplating all this, I'm completely unmotivated. I'm tempted to just go home "sick", but I do have work to do and it's not fair to dump it off on by backup when I'm not really ill. I have a hard enough time doing that when I am actually sick.


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Jun. 16th, 2007 12:54 am (UTC)
Just letting you know, you have to be off the payroll, that is, terminated and no longer working (a "distributable event"). So you wouldn't get your check until two business days after your last day.
Jun. 16th, 2007 01:09 am (UTC)
*nods* The HR rep I was talking to was very careful to make sure I understood that part, as well as the difference between the handling of the 401k and pension. In fact, I'll know for sure I'm off the payroll when they send me the paperwork for the pension plan, since they can't even send that out until I'm for-sure gone.
Jun. 16th, 2007 04:48 am (UTC)
an exit from baja manitoba?
congrats on the impending move, although low key to
avoid any taint or jinx eh?

I hope you find good fortune in VA! Keep us updated!

Jun. 16th, 2007 03:40 pm (UTC)
Re: an exit from baja manitoba?
congrats on the impending move, although low key to
avoid any taint or jinx eh?

No fear there. You know I'm not allowed to believe in that stuff. ;)

I hope you find good fortune in VA! Keep us updated!
I'll do okay. Teaching's not a business one gets wealthy at, but I expect that starting fresh with no debt but my student loans should do me a world of good in terms of being able to live comfortably. Of course I'll keep everyone updated through LJ and periodic visits to the home turf. ^___^
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