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i had a battlecruiser but they ated it

Or, I should have just gone to bed.

I came home last night with the full intention of changing skills, doing an ammo run to Rock City, and calling it a night so I could hit the pool, but moron that I am, I was drawn in by the lure of PVP and went on a fleet op when I came back to 1v. This resulted in a lot of jumping around while listening to somewhat amusing chatter on TS, which ended when the hostiles we'd been chasing refused to come out of their NPC station in Curse and engage. So we all headed back to KZF...except for me, because my computer hung while I was trying to look something up on the wiki. I power-cycled the Dell, and when I came back online my Moa was getting slagged by three neutrals. Woke up in a pod at 1v. Arrrgh.

So I went looking for a new Ferox to replace the Moa, found one for cheap in KZF, and went thither in a shuttle. Fitted it out, insured it, went back to 1v, and decided to try it out on a trio of rats by the gate. Got two of the three rats befoe some neutrals showed up in a Vagabond and a Curse, sucked me dry with an energy neutralizer, and beat on me long enough for the remaining rat to take me out. Woke up in a pod at the station. *sigh* At that point there was nothing to do but upgrade my clone and go to bed, since I'd already wasted thee hours on Eve when I could have been sleeping. :(

Ship prices have shot up since everybody moved back to SP, and I probably don't really need a Ferox in 1v when I have one in JLO already. I suppose I could buy & fit out a Blackbird, buff up my EW skills a bit, and do that instead of flying a unique snowflake in fleet ops. I dunno. Have to think about it, that's for sure.
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