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Cobb on immigration

And all any of the Republican candidates needs to promise right now (meaning any of them but McCain), is that the first order of business when they get to the White House will be to build the goddamned fence. DHS is fast losing credibility on the issue because exactly 11 miles have been built out of 850. 150 miles are promised by December, but the land hasn't even been purchased yet. This is bullcrap of the highest order and everybody knows it.
As the NRO said a month ago, the conservatives have gone from 'trust but verify' to 'verify' on immigration law. That movement is not going away.
The second thing the new president has to promise is a pardon for Ignacio Ramos and Jose Compean. And the third thing he needs to do is deport all illegal alien convicts. Patterico has the details.

As Laura Ingraham said this morning, passing a new law when you haven't bothered to enforce the ones already on the books is stupid and counterproductive. Get the damn wall built, put a few brigades of (armed) National Guard grunts on it, and let's turn this mother out. At this point nobody much cares about W's legacy but W, but everybody cares about fixing this extremely broken situation.
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