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an awkward start to the morning

I probably should have gone out to do laundry last night, but EVE ate my brain. :(
With any luck, the programming meeting tonight will end early enough to give me time to race home, grab my dirty laundry, and hit the laundromat before the doors lock.

Anyway...slept in this morning until 0700 because I was so damned tired. The right leg is coming along nicely, almost healed over, but my left toe has been problematic since I saw the doc last week. I should probably take the time to soak it, seeing as how I have a basin and epsom salts, instead of just putting up with the pain and waiting for my body to take care of the problem itself.

In other misadventures, the headphones I use at work and on the bus got caught on some seat hardware and lost the left channel, so I brought the bulky Radio Shack cans to work instead. Unfortunately, since I packed my laptop today instead of my normal bag, I left my CDs at home. >_< So I'm having to park my TX in one pocket of my guayabera shirt (in order to get the headphones to work right) if I want music. Since the billing file deadline is Thursday, and GL Control has started closing AU, I very much want music.

Another reason I'm hoping the meeting tonight is short: while grabbing a bag off the top of the fridge to put my lunch in, I managed to dump the bottle of cognac on the floor. It didn't break, but the top popped off, so by the time I get home the apartment is probably going to reek of booze. There are worse things, but I really ought to mop that up along with the rest of the kitchen floor.

Pool still isn't open. I'm going to have to ask the super what's up with that.
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