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Give me steam

First, thanks to badger2305, what Star Trek might have been like as a silent film.

Second, divalea is making her Texas steampunk story Cathedral Child available online at Webcomics Nation. This is a pretty cool story, and Lea posted some additional background information that you might find of interest. Read, share and enjoy.

Saturday afternoon I decided to haul some munitions down to Rock City in an Osprey, and partway down the pipe from 0w to 77s I ran into a hostile interceptor. He warp scrambled me, I panicked, and yelled for help. This was actually unnecessary, because the guy wasn't doing much to my shields while I was pounding the daylights out of him. (If I'd had a couple small railguns instead of the medium nos and autocannon, he'd be dead now. Welp.) Oh, boy did he whine when the help showed up, though. He jumped further down the pipe and I followed, driving him nuts by not sitting still like a good miner to get killed. I was constantly running off to safespots and periodically taunting him about his inability to scrag a slow-ass Osprey with his awesome tech 2 interceptor. The fun ended one jump from my goal when he finally managed to warp scram me again. I popped drones and started beating on him, doing pretty good damage until his eleven buddies in Vagabonds and other such expensive ships showed up, at which point I died pretty quickly. Still, it was pretty laffo and worth the million or so worth of ammo that went poof along with the ship. Later on in the weekend I killed a couple of hauler spawns in JLO with a little help from my friends, went battleship ratting and made more cash, and ended the weekend with more isk in my wallet than I started with, which is always good.
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