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Goonswarm makes the Times

Well, this is a surprise. I don't know what surprises me more - that this whole dustup made the New York Times or that CCP is forming a board of ombudsmen to ride herd on them and try to restore confidence in their impartiality. It'll be interesting to see how this works out.

Last week I got a pleasant surprise while running ammo & missiles to Rock City: someone had left a Medium Secure Container floating about 20km off one of the jumpgates along the way there. I was stuffed to the portholes with cargo on the way down, but I made a note of its location and scooped it up on the way back. I hit the jackpot: the container held about 6MM isku worth of loot and salvage, which I promptly cashed in at 1v when I got back.

Last night it happened again, except there were two giant secure containers floating there. My Osprey was too small to hold even one of these, so after dropping my load of munitions at 77s I popped into the station at 0-G and picked up a Badger, which with its 6000 cubic meters of space could esily accommodate both containers. Once again, I jumped in, scooped the containers, and ran like hell. Didn't make out as well this time; just a couple of lumps of arkanor, which netted me about 3MM at the nearby refinery station, and a civilian shield booster, which I melted down for a trivial amount of cash. Having the Badger allowed me to shift the rest of my munitions stockpile down to 77s, though, and it was worth it even if I did get jumped by half a dozen BoB pilots on the way back to 0-G. Dumb shits, if they'd nailed me on the way into 77s (which they could have) I would hve been out all the minerals and time invested in the ammo as well. As it was, they only got one shield module since they did such a good job of enthusiastically blowing up my ship. So it was a good night for me.

Didn't get much else accomplished last night. I was going to go out to Wal-mart and pick up a few things, but after having salad and teriyaki chicken at Q. Cumbers I felt logy and sleepy; the traffic on 494 was also pretty horrible, so I put it off until tonight.
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