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The LJ client and update pages still aren't working here at EBN, and I don't know if that's a firewall issue or an LJ issue, what with the DDoS attack and the ongoing restoration of journals going on. I did want to take a minute and look at some interests that have waxed/waned in importance over the last few years.

Anime/SF&F/Horror Fandom: I'm going to be a lot less involved with this than I have been over the last few years, because I've become burned out tbqh. Looking back on it, I'm appalled that Detour was as miserable a time as it was for me, even considering all the things that went wrong with registration, but I let that situation get on top of me and make me thoroughly miserable all weekend. The right thing to do at that point would have been to just quit Convergence, but that would have left thaadd twisting in the wind and I wasn't about to do that. I am not going to AI, Diversicon or Arcana this year, much less volunteering at any of them, and in the unlikely event that there's a convention near where I am later this year, I'm probably not going to go. If I do I'm sure as hell not going to volunteer. Next year, I'll definitely be coming back for Detour and probably for Convergence. I've offered to work in a couple of departments at Detour, and I'll leave it at that. I may sign up for some panels at Convergence and may do some badging; then again I might not. I am definitely not volunteering to work in any departments.

BASEBALL: This year I'm just being a casual fan of MLB and haven't even looked at the AAA yet this year. I'm planning on seeing at least one of the Twins v. Nationals games this coming weekend, and a Saints game sometime before I leave. No involvement in fantasy baseball, and the RBR is staying dead until such time as I can repay my debt to the former website host.

WARGAMING: I don't think I've hauled any of these games out in months, and I rarely (if ever) take a peek at grognards.com any more. I do owe redmartel a game or two before I disappear into the dusk, though, so I should get off my ass and tend to that. Still haven't picked up a copy of The Operational Art of War for Windows, still haven't finished working on any of the three scenarios I was mucking around with.

RPGS: This is pretty much a dead hobby for me, unless you count EVE, which I really don't since nobody in GoonFleet indulges in RP, at least not in-game. I have zero interest in fantasy RPG, and nobody seems to be playing Traveller (original or GURPS flavor) any more around here, not that I've been looking that hard. Maybe one of these days I'll GM again, but doing that requires a LOT of time, which I could more enjoyably spend on other things. Still not ready to sell all the books, though; some of them are useful as background material for other things *cough*Blood Red Skies*cough*. There's something I want to do with all the Twilight: 2000 stuff as well, but it's not even in an outline form yet.

WRITING: Blood Red Skies has been on hiatus for several months now. Evidently the muse is on vacation someplace, though I do occasionally get nudges. I'll take a stab at wrapping it up after Convergence, time permitting. I'm still involved in StippleAPA and need to get back in the habit of doing regular updates to my APAzine.
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