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Time begins on Opening Day

Thank you, Thomas Boswell! :)

I don't really get into the baseball season the way I used to back when I was scoring for STATS, Inc. and pubbing the RBR and getting out to games at Midway and the Wade so I could see some down-home independent league action, but I still draft a fantasy team in the Yahoo! leagues every year. That's really what gets my season going - after that, I pay close attention to what's going on in the box scores so I know how my team is doing. Of course, I'm following the Twins, Phillies and Red Sox in the real world as well, but I have to admit that like most Rotisserie addicts, I'm more worried about how Roy Oswalt is pitching when it's his day than I am about whether the Tigers might win the AL Central (FARK banner: "Unlikely". But they're sure off to a hot start.)

Anyway, I had a great draft. I got Pedro with my first pick (I drafted third this year) and got a lot of the players I wanted. The outfield is built for speed: Torii Hunter, Rocco Baldelli, and Carl Crawford all wear the red & white caps this fantasy season, while Oswalt, Miller, Radke and Ben Sheets are the other 4/5 of the rotation for me. In the pen, Billy Wagner and his successor Octavio Dotel, along with unsung submariner Chris Bradford of the A's. *does the Happy Dance, making the apartment shake*

Well, time to shower, shave, and head over to MCAD for Part II of the post-mortem. It's a cold, crappy day outside but I DON'T CARE. I got Pedro! I got Billy! I got Mark Teixeira! In my world, the sun is shining, and it's 70 at game time in RFK as the lads take the field. Yes, it's the interior game with a vengeance, but I like it.

Draft results:
1. P. Martinez, SP
2. B. Wagner, RP
3. O. Dotel, RP
4. R. Oswalt, SP
5. J. Kendall, C
6. J. Vidro, 2b
7. J. Rollins, SS
8. W. Miller, SP
9. M. Teixeira, 1b
10. C. Koskie, 3b
11. T. Hunter, OF
12. M. Lieberthal, C
13. B. Sheets, SP
14. T. Nixon, OF
15. B. Radke, SP
16. C. Crawford, OF
17. R. Baldelli, OF
18. C. Guillen, 3b
19. D. Relaford, IF
20. M. LeCroy, DH/C
21. C. Bradford, RP
Tags: baseball

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