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One of the things that quickly drains the fun out of a new computer is having to reinstall all the software from the old computer(s), and having things go off the rails on account of not having the right program CDs makes it even less fun. Which is where I'm at with Outlook - it can't upload the address book file from my laptop's copy of Thunderbird, and now it seems it won't talk to my main e-mail account. Feh.

Not having learned anything from previous experience, I went to the Box Shop and got a Dell OptiPlex. Pentium 4, 2.8GHz on the clock, 512MB RAM, an 80GB hard drive, and a CD/DVD drive that'll burn CDs. All this, the old slave drive from the Deskpro, and the video card jamestrainor gave me after he upgraded to something newer and shinier, and it's quite the box. Runs EVE quite nicely. :)

It kept me up until about 0300 - a bunch of us got together to raid an Angel fortress site, which gained us about 5MM in bounties each, after which we regrouped and mined the Tooth, a site full of arkanor, bistot, and mercoxit - unfortunately nobody had the skills or gear to handle the last one. :( I also lost my Retriever to rats - Lord, it is so slow, and they spawned right on top of me. >_< Fortunately, someone was selling one at JLO, so I was able to refit, pick up the strip miner the rats hadn't killed, and get on with the mining. We cleaned it out, and that should net us another 5MM apiece after I log on tonight and sell the zydrine.

The rest of yesterday was spent doing laundry, sitting through the Convergence meeting, and watching Mortal Kombat after discovering that my Civ III disks had gone missing. MK's an okay movie, rather obviously based on the game, but with some decent martial arts death machine action and requisite cheesy acting. AAA++++, will definitely watch again. :)

UPDATE: Of course, Thunderbird set up promptly, imported everything from Outlook, and after some tweaking of ports and passwords, worked. FLAWLESS VICTORY.
Tags: convergence, domestic stuff, eve, tech stuff
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