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Pop quiz, feet, trains, stuff

A little late for Memorial Day, but all y'all ought to get 100% on this MSN quiz about the "basics" of World War 2. It's more of a trivia quiz, imao, but it does hit stuff most kids ought
to know before they get to high school. (In From The Cold)

The podiatrist appointment this morning went well. The left leg is healed up, the right leg almost so, and I'll see the good Dr. W one more time in nine weeks before I head down I-94 to Virginia. I'll be lucky to find someone that good down there, but with two AAA cities in easy driving range hopefully I can come arbitrarily close.

I'd forgotten how goddamn enervating the train is. It takes 45 minutes to get from the Nicollet Mall to Fort Snelling, and another 10-15 minutes of walking to the car, which means by the time I sat down and did my evening blood sugar check it was already 1915. I'll probably still go do laundry tonight, although I could let it slide for another day...
Tags: domestic stuff, history, medical stuff
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