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Signs of the end times

I didn't get a chance to talk to Greg Ketter this past weekend at Diversicon, but I did wind up in an impromptu discussion with Lisa Freitag, Rick Gellman, phoenixalpha and a couple of other fans about Minicon 40 and its prospects under the new management. It turns out Greg & Lisa are actively looking for room parties (Lisa related with disgust how the House of Toast was turned away from an earlier Minicon, after the then-Exec dismissed them as "not SF enough") and a new anime/video chairman since their original a/v chair wandered off to Tomah in the throes of an Internet romance. phoenixalpha and I volunteered to host an AD room party and do the anime/video room, subject to ATC Board approval of course. Actually, if the Board doesn't approve, I'll probably still go ahead and do it, but it'll cost Minicon more money since I'll have to rent a projector.

After we had filled out the membership forms and handed them to Lisa with a check (the pre-reg rate is a very reasonable $35, $50 for walk-ups) phoenixalpha turned to me and said. "Do you realize you just signed up to go to Minicon? As staff?" I could only nod blearily, blame sleep deprivation and curse my innate good nature. Questioned the next day about it by a disbelieving Ron Searby, I raised my hands to heaven and declaimed, "Anime rooms at Minicon! Run by anime fans! IT'S A SIGN OF THE END TIMES!"

Yes, I'm in a better mood than I was before lunch. Food, coffee, a crack bar and deciding to leave two hours early will do a lot to boost one's morale.

Tags: the bush of fandom
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