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Always darkest before the dawn

So, yeah. A lot of the drama from the weekend has either dissipated or worked itself out or is being dealt with, one way or the other, and I'm in a much better state of mind today. Which is good. Being depressed sucks.

Eh, maybe not, but damn, with a couple of strip miners on the front end this thing is pretty awesome. I tested it out last night after I got it home from Rock City (which oddly enough has no refinery, it's just a station full of offices) and after an agonizingly slow cruise to the target asteroid I unleashed the mining drones, turned on the strip miners, and waited. And waited. The drones came back, went out, came back and WHUMP, ~600 units of ore suddenly appeared in my now-full hold and that was that. So tonight after laundry I think I'm going to go a couple systems over and do some serious ninja mining, or maybe some serious mining period if I can get my fellow wombat from Calgary to ride shotgun on the op.

The whole roller-coaster of events with CCP this past weekend...as disappointed as I am with the Mittani bailing out, I can completely understand why he quit. Managing GoonSwarm has got to be a lot like running a convention, except in some ways worse, because while Detour has about 3000 members, not all of them (or even most of them) feel like they have to let the Chairman know what's on their minds, are shitposters...and, well, suffice it to say there's a lot of issues that make being the CEO of the fleet an even more thankless job than being convention chairman. There's no opsec or alliance politics involved in running a convention, praise Hojo. I think the directorate has realized that the FTZ was a noble experiment that didn't suit the nature of Goons or the strategic realities, and we're best rid of it; the same is true of the space in Omist and Tenerifis, which simply cannot be held by the Fleet and its allies with our present logistical exoskeleton. (Mandatory bee reference). Turtling up in Scalding Pass and Detorid will allow us to maximize our numerical advantage as well as the narrowing gap in skills and technology, especially now that CCP is moving toward nerfing Titans and making them less of an indestructible super-dreadnaught with an I-Win button. They'll still be damned powerful, but some of the things that make them such a game-wrecking tool in terms of balance are going away, and some of their strengths will be dialed back from completely impossible to overcome to very difficult, and while nobody can do the impossible, Redswarm has been dealing with very difficult from the beginning. w00t.

The student loan bills I've been getting don't reflect my consolidation loan, which has been approved, and it appears I'll be eligible for a deferment/forbearance since the current monthly payments are more than (insert large fraction here) of my monthly gross income. So that's something I need to get the paperwork moving on, but at least I can deal with it. $666.55, indeed.

I put off doing laundry last night because it was raining like hell out and I was too depressed to consider schlepping all the laundry up and downstairs. God, I can't wait until I'm in an apartment with its own washer and dryer again. Today's weather looks a lot nicer, and I see a trip to the laundromat being written in my agenda with a pen instead of being penciled in.

Pool should be open this weekend. It would have been nice for it to have been open last weekend, but this weekend is okay.What with all the rain this week it really hasn't felt much like summer yet anyway.