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My sucky tax skillz are pastede on

After having put it off as long as we possibly could, phoenixalpha and I sat down with TurboTax on the Web to do her 2003 taxes. This was a major headache since most of her income last year came from an annuity her late grandmother left for her, which my ever-thoughtful ex-wife didn't provide to us until 11:30 PM on April 15. This set off a panicked search for other W-2 and 1099 forms which had been carelessly tossed into paper piles in the belief that since phoenixalpha's income from the Army Reserve and various savings & investments had been so minimal, she wouldn't have to file. Big mistake. In the end I wound up having to take an advance on my next paycheck so I could loan her the money to pay TurboTax and the IRS; Governator Jr. is going to have to wait for his piece of the action.
In retrospect I should have been more the stern accountant and less the indulgent father. While she did put away some of her money, a lot of it was pissed away on boys and various shiny objects of no lasting value, and I didn't lean on her hard enough about saving more of it Just In Case. The whole business has left me with a painful burning sensation where I need it the least and a healthy helping of guilt.