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Short week ahead

This work week is going to be weird. Short weeks always are, and on top of that I'm in a strange mental state. I've been there before, back when i was approaching my five-year anniversary with the Evil Banking Neighbor, but back then I had a few more responsibilities to carry and couldn't really just chuck the job and go back to temping. Nowadays, well, not so much. So I have that option, and it's becoming increasingly attractive as my supervisor becomes bitchier about kindergarten stuff like not punching the time clock precisely at 8:30 AM, taking breaks longer than 15 minutes... which, considering that on most days I have four hours or less of actual work to do, is petty and senseless. You can only sit in a cube for so long.
So I don't know. The whole warning/dismissal process at EBN takes long enough that by the time they finished dishing out all the warnings and write-ups and crap I'd be in Virginia anyway, but truthfully I'd just as soon quit. The only question is whether I have the patience to wait to quit until late July/early August.

Otherwise, today's been a lot like yesterday. A lot of lounging around and reading, a bout of EVE earlier, probably more tonight.