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It's been a big week for people getting pissed off. First, divalea took a chunk out of Marvel for its Heroes for Hire Meet the Overfiend cover (echoed by chebutykin here) which is aimed at the Manstream of comics buyers in the worst way. That's still raging, with the controversy moving to the mainstream media and people making links back to the execrable limited edition Mary Jane statue. I hadn't seen that before following the links in Cheb's article, but holy crap. I've seen porn star bobbleheads with more dignity and taste.

And then there's the return of "I Get By With A Little Help From My (CCP) Friends".
First we have some really suspicious goings-on in EVE gameplay. To summarize (and quote The Mittani):
We now have three independently confirmed CCP scandals, all breaking today!

1. CCP/BoB corruption/coverup by IA
2. RP Events being rigged
3. Devs joining our corps.

This gets posted about in the EVE-Online forums - and immediately deleted by EVE-O moderators. (Interestingly enough, the post wasn't by a Goon, but by a fellow from SMASH, which I think is at peace with us but not one of our allies.) This provokes the launching of the Threadnaught. Goons swarm the EVE-O forums and spam the letter to every single forum area, to which EVE responds by shutting down the forums completely. Undeterred, the Fleet takes it to the street, with posts at Digg, Slashdot, online gaming sites, and even Wikipedia. I tell you, for a nation with the world's oldest democracy, these Icelanders don't seem to grasp the concept that you can't shut people up, especially when there's over 3000 of them with access to the Internet and a gutful of rage.

So is this (CCP bending over for BoB) going to make me quit EVE? Naah. I've waited thirty years for a game like this, and even with the unbalanced Titans, under-the-table favors and other crap, this is still one hell of a cool game. Besides, I like sticking it to pompous, arrogant fucktards, and every day that GoonFleet survives in 0.0 against the elitist twits of BoB and their buddies in the company is another day of us sticking a finger in their collective eye and running away laughing. To be quite honest, though, if a quality outfit like Sony, Blizzard or Microsoft came out with a game like this, I'd be there with the rest of the Goons. For now, though, I need to run some ammo down to the war zone. After I shower.

UPDATE: OH NOES (via Lea H., who has some of her own to add)
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