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The night clerk at the hotel won't give me the time of day

I think the corporate firewall at the EBN has gotten wise to LJ, since I couldn't get either the client or the update page to work today. So you're seeing this now instead of at 11:00 this morning.

Apparently the tornado scare came and went with no actual tornados. Woop woop. On the other hand, it's going to be raining on and off all weekend, though Friday and Sunday will be partly clear. It rained plenty yesterday and this morning, imao.

Re-read yesterday's family drama post and decided to take it private. Too much potential for more drama, and I should have realized that at the time.

I stayed up later than I probably should have last night, but since CCP is installing a patch this morning I wanted to get Industry V trained up all the way before starting another long skill (Refinery V) just in case they screw the pooch again and don't have the game up by the time I get home tonight. Bought myself scads of missile and ammo blueprints in Minmatar space along with a tractor beam blueprint, since the only person selling them at the moment is in KZF. They're charging something like 1.5MM isku per unit, and that's just extortionate, so I ought to be able to slap a few together and undercut them while still making a decent profit. Also, I'll be in a mining barge very soon, so I can go out and pillage massive quantities of ore soon - the base rate for a strip miner, without taking into account all my skill bonuses, is equivalent to seven Miner IIs, which is to say two and a third Osprey mining cruisers. Plus, I'll be able to mine ice, which will be good for the Fleet since we need ice products to help fuel all of our stations.

Last but not least, missionaries are coming to America. From
Africa. (Reverend Sensing, via Maggie's Farm)

I'm feeling the need for more vegetables in the diet, but can't decide between OCB in Richfield or Q. Cumbers. The only vegetables in the apartment at the moment are some avocado dip and a couple bottles of ketchup.
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