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a little shojo for the stress

So, Convergence meeting. It seemed to go faster than it usually does, perhaps because so many people were gone...anyway, thaadd and I took care of some Programming business afterward, and then I split for Q. Cumbers to have something besides starch slabs with protein lumps and fat component. This I did, being rather moderate in the process, and then I went home. The original intention was to drop by materia_indigo's place to drop off my surplus rat and then do laundry, but when I got home I realized that what I needed to do was take a nap. Which I did, rousing myself at 2000 to pack up my laundry. However, after packing up the laundry, my motivator circuit blew and I decided to just go over and be social.

Best damn decision of the weekend. Mike showed off his robots and full-figured ball-jointed dolls, which reminded me quite a bit of Vaughn Bode's work. He also played a couple of podcasts for me, and it took me a while to realize that the guy doing the podcast was in fact huladavid's partnber in crime Chris Conroy. Durr! Also enjoyed was an episode of Bleach, which I'll probably have to start watching from the beginning to make any sense out of (it appears to be this year's Naruto) and I'll Make A Habit Of It, one of the many shojo series that'll probably never get released here because it has no magical girls, giant robots, mecha, aliens, or martial arts death machines. Then again, we used to say that about Yawara!.

By that time, it was after midnight, and time for me to go home. Stopped to pick up groceries, hear the opening minutes of The Root of All Evil (twenty years of time-wasting metal lameness, oh yeah) and bash this out.

I think to minimize stress in the future I'm just going to ignore the damn Goonfleet forums as much as possible, because I've come to the conclusion that it screws with my enjoyment of the game and introduces all kinds of stupid drama that I don't need. So fuck all you trolls and shitposters, especially my former squaddies in Epsilon.
Tomorrow, laundry.
Tags: anime, convergence, domestic stuff, eve
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