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Thank God for DayQuils

Finally got pulled myself together today and picked up a couple of single-dose DayQuil packs and a box of Kleenex at the convenience store in the Gaviidae, so I don't feel quite as awful as I did yesterday. Still not filled with enthusiasm for doing anything besides going home and crawling into bed with some NyQuils and water, but I need to do laundry and pick up some stuff at Wal-Mart. Like more DayQuils.

Today has been eight hours of slow torture occasionally interrupted by a few minutes of work here and there. I'm not going to miss this job when I leave, that's for damn sure, especially now that I've cashed in my last set of options.

BoB took 9-9 as we all expected they would, and promptly moved to set up more towers to gain sovereignty in the systems we hold in Omist, which is south and east of 9-9 and not really accessible to us except though 9-9. Lots of "OH GOD OH GOD THE SKY IS FALLING" and similar trolling/shitposting. Hard to tell sometimes when people are being serious and when they're just kidding. Anyway, it seems their logistics are showing a little strain under the increased load, and at any rate we're doing our best to turn 9-9 into their Stalingrad. Finishing the Titan will help, although since we're in a bit of financial crunchiness ourself people are hollering for the Titan Fund to be spent on current cash flow problems, and that's just dumb. Besides, the Mittani says that's not on the table. So people are going to go out and do a lot of mining for the Fleet, sell timecards, etc. and we'll see how that works out. As for me, I'll bring my Osprey and/or hauler to the mining op being discussed, and keep on keeping on toward my short-term goal of getting into a mining barge and a battlecruiser for better mining and better ratting. Selling a timecard for isk ought to help with that.
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