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I feel responsible and drippy tonight

As luck would have it, the night I agreed to deal with the Programming department mailbag (since thaadd is taking a well-deserved night off for a concert) I've come down with a cold. Blargh. Still, she only sent me about 20 e-mails, so even with the -probably unnecessary- updating of the grid on my site I should be able to get to bed at a reasonable hour.

Stopped by Wendy's and tried the four-alarm spicy chicken sandwich, sans jalapenos because I've never liked them. The frescata bun was good, but I think the cold has screwed up my taste buds since the pepper jack, chipotle and spicy chicken were all kind of underwhelming. I expected that from the chili, which I was eating strictly for the tomato & protein content, but the sandwich needs to turn it up a few degrees. You couldn't even light a wastebasket on fire with that, much less a major downtown bank.
Tags: convergence, food
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