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Unsolicited plug

Actually, two of them. As those of you at the large end of the waistband spectrum know, it's damn hard to find clothes in large sizes, large being broadly defined as anything bigger than a size 50. You either get work wear at Kaplan's or you buy something overpriced at Casual Male which wears out in about a year. At best. Purely by accident, I found Draft Horse Clothing, which offers pants up to size 60, and not just for field work, either. I recently ordered a pair of the Dickies cargo pants as a long-overdue replacement for my black tactical pants, and they cost me just $28 including UPS shipping - which took just two working days instead of the four days advertised. Woop woop!

Second plug is for Sew What, which does cleaning and alterations at several places around the Twin Towns of Terror. This particular place, in the TCF Tower, charged just $10.50 (including tax) to hem up aforementioned cargo pants and will have them ready at close of business, which is a little over one day's turnaround. Outstanding. AAAAA++++, will happily do business with both again.
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