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Applying the bell curve to womens' figures

Leonard Nimoy has a photo exhibit of large women. The problem with the article -which never actually shows any of the photos in question - is that you can't really tell whether these women are truly obese or New York "obese", which is to say they actually have real figures as opposed to bony meth-head carcasses or lean, sculpted greyhound physiques - the latter of which can be attractive, sometimes. Personally, I don't find 135 pounds on a 5' 3" frame obese; as with statistics, much depends on the distribution, and even before I came to Minnesota I preferred women who had enough meat on their bones not to snap while engaged in the physical act of love. (Have we reached TMI yet?) I could go on with a rant about the warped nature of the fashion industry, but I'm pretty sure I've done that before, and besides, :effort:.
(Althouse, who also likes the full figures.)
Tags: culture w/o politics
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