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Ammo run and other stuff

Aside from CVG programming stuff, I finally finished clearing all the music off Cowzilla and into the external drive. I think I'll set up both the laptop and the external drive to defrag overnight.

Tried to call Mom today but nobody answered at home and the voice mail didn't come on, so I don't know what's up with that.

So P has a Caldari character in the game now; she was going to tell me her character name so we could chat in-game, but she must have gotten distracted by rocks or something. (Hey P: convo Radiowombat sometime and shut off your CSPA charges.)

Just as well; I finally got my Badger full of ammo down to Rock City, which is on the doorstep of 9-9 where BoB is trying to POS spam their way into taking the system (WHAT PRICE E-HONOUR NOW?) while we and the Russians periodically sneak up in our prime times (which sandwich BoB's GMT primetime) and mug their unwary and bored asses. We lose some cheap frigates and fighter drones, they lose expensive assault cruisers and battlewagons. Typically, they get bored with this siege warfare thing and start drifting away after a few days; we'll see how it goes. In the meantime, people need ammo, and that's my business. I also brought down all the shield transfer modules I've accumulated in two months' ratting and put them on the market at 50% off the prevailing prices, which ought to make me about a million isku when they all sell. I was momentarily tempted to stay down there and fit an Osprey for POS shield repping but then sanity returned and I went back to JLO to rat, mine and salvage in preparation for the next frenzy of ammo manufacturing. The trip was mostly uneventful except for coming across a Tyrell interceptor pilot who had popped me four times in a couple of weeks when I was really new; we managed to avoid him, and with any luck the crew in 0w ganked him when he followed us into the system.

...and so to bed.
Tags: domestic stuff, eve, family drama
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