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delayed gratification

Got a call yesterday from the medical supply joint I do business with, who told me that my replacement stockings would be delivered today. About damn time; I ordered them before Detour. Also got an e-mail from one of the guys I bought music from over half.com informing me that he was shipping my CD. Also good.

I may give Haband another chance. The ad they sent me had some very reasonably priced slacks, jackets, and shoes, some of them actually in my size, and I'm definitely in the market for all three. Won't be doing that until next payday, though.

Lot of folks talking about the French elections; a fairly amusing piece by Jules Crittenden advises President-elect Sakozy to lose the accordion. I find it quietly amusing, myself, to relfect that despite all the alleged anti-American feeling abroad, Sarkozy was elected in France, Merkel led the CDU to victory in Germany, Harper and the Tories won in Canada, Howard was re-elected in Australia, and Blair is likely to be succeeded in England by the equally pro-American Brown. Oh, yes - Calderon won in Mexico, the rabidly pro-US GNP is pretty much a lock to take back the Blue House in Seoul, and Koizumi was succeeded by Shinzo Abe, who's from the same faction (yes, pro-American) of the LDP. So either we're doing something right here, or our Dark Lord has been unusually effective with the orbital mind control lazers. Maybe both.
Tags: domestic stuff, foreign policy wank, medical stuff
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