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He never met Will Rogers, I'd be willing to say

Last night was a complete bust as far as tending to matters domestic went. I had no energy at all by the time I got home, so I tossed a box dinner in the nuke and ate that instead of cooking anything. Went to bed early after some desultory programming work and some internet spaceships, where I did some mining, shot some rats, and got involved in a firefight against a Rook, which I wouldn't have if I'd known what it was. Didn't get blown up or podded, so it ended well.

Been meaning to say something about how electric the change in scenery has been over the last few weeks. At the beginning of April, not only was it raining and dismal for what seemed like days on end but the ground cover was relentlessly blah and colorless. Then, somewhere around mid-month, it stopped raining and all of a sudden WHAM. It was like God turned on the chlorophyll switch and made everything GREEN.

Seems there's a benefit reunion concert by Jason & the Scorchers down in Nashville on June 2 at the Exit/In. Just as well it's sold out (oh, there's tickets being scalped for it online, but :effort:) since it would be horribly tempting to jump in the Sportage and head down there. It's not like I can really afford the time or the money, though. As a consolation, I did find a copy of Both Sides of the Line, the second compilation of Fervor and Lost and Found online for $20, which is less than half what it's going for on Amazon and half.com.

On the other hand, I'm still waiting for the damn support stockings that I ordered A MONTH AGO to show up; wouldn't be half so irritated if I weren't down to half a pair, with the usual effects on the unsupported leg. I'm also waiting for the copy of BTO's Head On that I ordered through half.com, but that doesn't affect my leg and isn't so tardy.
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