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I don't know about the enemy, but it's sure wearing me out.

I went to bed pretty early last night after doing a little bit of Convergence programming work and a little bit of Internet spaceships, which gave me some badly needed sleep time.

This week GoonFleet and our francophone allies in the Tau Ceti Federation are sticking it to BoB and its vassals through late-night ops that usually start around 10 PM CDT. I took part in the Monday and Tuesday night ops, but last night I confined myself to running more ammo down to the 77s station (which since it's just a couple of jumps from the 9-9 rendezvous point enjoys good sales) so I could come back and get to bed at a decent hour for once. Ops start so late because BoB and its vassals are mostly made up of European players, and having to stay up until the wee hours of the morning is a major strain for them, especially when our fleet commanders deny them what they most want - major fleet actions, or at the very least the unleashing of their unstoppable mega-killmail generator. These denial tactics make them tired and frustrated, and since the ops are in primetime for our Mountain & Pacific time players, it's easy for us to have large numbers of people show up while their numbers dwindle, and the next thing they know we've slid their system right out from under them and are derisively chanting "fofofofofofofofofo" in local chat. Thus we proceed to win the war while losing battles. Unfortunately, I'm 48 and work a normal job, which makes me fairly unusual in the Fleet, so I can't sustain a lot of this late-night business either....especially when it's going on at the opposite end of our space from where I'm based.

Tonight will be no exception. The sink is full of dishes, and I need to wash some T-shirts and jeans for Friday and the weekend. It's sad; the newly arrived optical trackball is slicker than a greased snake on ice, but I have a life outside the little black box that sits on my computer desk, and in order to live that life I need to get stuff done.

On the home front, anyway. At work, it's the first week of the month and slow as hell, as you can tell from the many LJ posts. ;)
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