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Well, that was...something.

Yeah, so...TPTB called a mandatory fleet op for last night. Since my Mining Moa was not on the list of Serious BusinessTM ships, I had bought a Blackbird EW cruiser and wound up scurrying at the last minute to get some of the stuff I needed for it. But that's okay, since I looted some abandoned rat wrecks on the way back to 77s and now have a stash of useful & profitable items there. :)

What was not okay was that the operation was fucked up. Organization went okay, but there was a continual problem with trash talk and noise on TeamSpeak so that it was hard to hear the FC, which wouldn't have been so bad except we were playing touch and go with a Titan. It all ended pretty horribly when the FC jumped us to a gate WHICH WE HAD PREVIOUSLY BUBBLED and no sooner did we get caught in our own bubble than the Titan showed up, pressed I WIN BUTAN and turned us all into wrecks and pods. The lag was so horrible that it took my ship about three minutes to die from 60,000 points of damage and another couple of minutes for my pod to jump out...after which I just blew myself up and woke up in 1v, because really...what the heck was the point in buying another ship to go back and help clean up the mess? Maybe the FC was just having an off day, maybe all the yakking on TS was distracting him, maybe he's just that bad. I do know I'm going to give him one (1) more shot and after that if he invites me to a gang I'm going to click "No". This was like Kasserine Pass only without the cool Tunisian scenery. :(

Can't help wondering what our allies thought of the whole thing...there were 20-30 ships around from our allies in Tau Ceti Federation, who are mostly french-speakers from France and Quebec. Didn't see much of them except for a couple who were baiting our enemies in local.

Hopefully the FC will learn from this and have his stuff together better next time. I think I'm going to fly an EW or tackling frigate just in case. That way it won't hit me in the isk wallet quite so hard when it dies.
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