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Life in Empire makes you sloppy

So I'm working on training up my alt the other night in Minmatar space between bouts of cleaning, zooming around in my tricked-out Merlin. I'm buying this and signing that, and the next thing I know, I'm getting bubbled, drone mobbed, and blown up by some asshole in a Dominix while CONCORD ineffectually pew-pews at him. At least I sold the 350 units of antibiotic first...but yeah. The guy that popped me had a -10 security rating, which makes me wonder how he managed to get in-system to start with, but then again if he was flying a Dominix he could very likely go warp to a gate at 0, pop through, and zoom out without taking a whole lot of damage from the sentry guns. The funny thing is, I can't think of any way I could have spotted this guy. He wouldn't have shown up as an enemy in local, you can't get a look outside while you're docked, and there's no defense channel in chat where people can warn you about this sort of thing. *sigh* In some ways, being out in zero-sec with the Fleet is easier.

So it worked out all right, I guess. I woke up back at the School of Applied Knowledge back in Todaki, and the insurance payout was enough to buy me a new Merlin for cheap, plus the modules to outfit it. I don't think I'm going to hang around Caldari Space much longer, though; I have a cache of high-tech scanners in Orduin that I can sell for mad cash, and a decent relationship with a Minmatar agent who is making me pretty good money while I build my skill base. Meanwhile, my main character sits in 1v grinding out ammo and occasionally going out to rat and mine. Someday he'll be able to afford that Ferox...
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