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Medical update

Talk about mixed feelings. On the one hand I have a prescription for Keflex to be filled as needed, so I don't have to be calling the clinic every time the bugs attack, but on the other hand the doctor didn't think that the intravenous antibiotics were necessary quite yet. He also didn't suggest the ongoing daily dose of antibiotics. Both of those are reserved for people considerably more fucked up than myself, e.g. people who have had a few stints in the hospital for this sort of thing. The doc's basic take on the whole situation was that as long as I'm diabetic, have lymphedema, and vemous stasis as a result of the first two, I'm going to have breaks in the skin and those are going to become infected. Period. He liked the way I was dealing with the lymphedema and drainage (big ups to my podiatrist here) and recommended that I stay on top of that. So.
No magic bullet, but no cause for despair either - just more of the same, steady as she goes.
On a related topic, the complex should be opening the pool soon, and this too will be good for the legs.
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