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This is the wall that I am hitting.

Made it through the Convergence meeting, but everything else is off the schedule, because I am just damned tired...laundry will have to wait until tomorrow night, and I may go to bed early. Just too much packed into this weekend and too much of it keeping me up too late, though a good part of that is my own damn fault for being stupid.

Volunteer party was great, as it usually is. I didn't go upstairs to see AMVs, just hung out on the first floor and talked to people most of the night. I probably ate more junk food than I should have.

I'll be training in the new AD hotel liaison over the next few months and handing off registration likewise. Most of that stuff is written down in procedures, but it never hurts to sit down with people, walk them through things, and get them familiar with the people they'll be working with. Don't know what (if anything) I'll be doing next year, but there's some possibilities I can look into.
Tags: anime detour, convergence
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