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Duty now for the near future

Figured I'd go ahead and make this post now because I don't know if I'll have the time or inclination to do it later today.

Fortunately, it was EVE, but damn it, I hate losing ships because I get myself into a corner and can't get out. Tonight I lost my Moa because I was dumb enough to think I could kill three rat interceptors before the battlewagon took me apart. No such luck, even with two assault launchers, a named web, and a 150mm railgun popping away at the little bastards. I got one and severely damaged the second, but they had me warp scrambled so I couldn't run away. Won't make that mistake again. I'll make different stupid mistakes. I hope. The upside to this is that I'm now halfway to being able to pick up a Ferox battlecruiser -once I go to Konora and retrieve the skill for it- which will allow me to mine in relative safety without having to worry too much about most rats. Since I don't tend to mine in systems that are prone to multiple-battleship spawns, the Ferox should allow me to get in some quality rock sucking while croaking anything liable to warp scramble me. Lord knows I need to do that big-time mining because mineral prices in my end of Goonfleet space have gone all nutso, which makes it tough on the small-time producer of shells and missiles. Like me.

The election went all right, I guess. People seemed disinclined to make changes in the parent company, since nobody ran against tatsmaru for Prez or willow_one for Secretary, and none of the four challengers to revolutionaryjo and geekboyonline were even close to the winners' vote totals. A few people took advantage of the write-in/comedy option on the ballots, but strangely enough nobody voted for Vladimir Putin. The fix was in. About a third of the people eligible to vote didn't show up or showed up late, and none of them except our lighting guy sent me an absentee ballot; Lauren sent her proxy with stuckintraffik, but she was the only one who took advantage of that. *shrug*

The postmortem likewise went fairly smoothly. stuckintraffik kept things moving since nobody wanted to get bogged down in excessive detail or wrangling (though some people tried) on account of it being Friday night. I suspect that a number of things are going to be hashed out over the next couple of months and some changes will be made on staff as some of us leave and get replaced by fresh blood. It's not really my problem at this point, but still, I don't want to just wash my hands of the whole thing and walk away, because there are loose ends that need to be wrapped up. Changing the subject slightly, it was encouraging to see about a dozen or so volunteers show up for what appeared to be their first staff meeting, and mildly amusing to hear tatsmaru insist to the department heads that the volunteer party was to thank the volunteers, NOT to recruit prospective staff.

It's almost 3 AM. I better get my tired butt to bed, because there's a lot to do tomorrow and some of it has to happen earlier rather than later. Urgh.
Tags: anime detour, eve
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