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time is how God keeps everything from happening at once

This is going to be a really busy weekend. The ATC annual meeting is going to be tonight, rolled into a big greasy ball with the convention postmortem. That ought to go fairly well, actually; most of the problems we had this year look like they'll be fairly easy to fix. Especially since I don't have to do the fixing.

Tomorrow night's the volunteer party, which I'll probably drop by for at least a little bit since it's traditionally been somewhat of a staff party as well.

Finally, on Sunday there's a Convergence meeting. I've been sloughing off my CVG responsibilities quite a bit this month, and I really need to get back in gear since the convention is only a bit over three months away. Fortunately, it is 90+ days out, so I have some time to make up for the last three weeks during which my motivation and energy have been pretty much nonexistent.

Despite the cramped weekend, I'm going to try and continue making progress on spring cleaning - starting with the Sportage. Tomorrow all the registration stuff (except the stuff I need to work on) is going back to the storage locker if I have to mug somebody for the keys, and the large garbage bag threatening to envelop the passenger seat is going in the dumpster. Once that's done I can be about the task of hauling P's library over to Half-Price Books, one box at a time.

One bright spot in my otherwise parlous financial state is that apparently I've been making enough small additions to my monthly truck payments that they've reduced them from $228 and change to $169. So that's another sixty bucks I can use to make progress on other things. Like, maybe, my VISA bill...
Tags: anime detour, convergence, domestic stuff
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