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Split decision

I finally bit the bullet and started training an alt to take care of mining and manufacturing business while my main character is off getting blown up in fleet actions. Sudo Nominus* is Caldari just like my main character, but he hails from a mining and business background instead of the military background of RadioWombat. This makes him better out of the box at a lot of things that R. Wombat didn't have in his skillset until he was out in zerosec with GoonFleet, but a lot worse at the combat skills than R. Wombat was when he started. At the moment I'm just dinking around, training Sudo's skills and running low-level missions for cash and favors while I get him trained to a level where he'll be a master of jew-fu that can make serious money (i.e. fly an Osprey mining cruiser) at which point I'll podjump him out to GoonSwarm space. I haven't decided whether to jump him to Scalding Pass to run the operations there or down to Detorid to open up a branch office in JV1V or XGH (the Leeloo Dallas Memorial Multipass) and make mad bags of isk selling ammo to frigate and cruiser pilots. Probably the former, since I don't want to wait too long before getting things rolling; besides, the Scalding Pass stations are a lot closer to the sources of skillbooks and blueprints in Minmatar space.

It's kind of fun building a new character like this, and the fact that I can't have Sudo training a skill at the same time RWombat is just makes it more of a challenge.

*I named him for a fellow whose unique interview with Lens Larque was quoted in several chapters of Jack Vance's The Face. It seemed appropriate for a character who was all about the money. :)
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