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Now that I'm better, it's time to work myself back into my sickbed again...

Actually, no, not if I can help it.

I am feeling better today, which is nice (and a little surprising) considering how crappy I felt last night after going out to the laundromat for a long-overdue laundry expedition. The cellulitis is still a little stiff and sore, but the swelling is way down and it doesn't feel any warmer than the rest of my leg.

Fortunately I can take it fairly easy this weekend, since for once there's no AD or Convergence stuff taking up my time. I'll do some badly needed cleaning up around the apartment but otherwise I'm just going to take it easy; if redmartel is up for it, I'll get most of the registration stuff out of the Sportage and into the storage locker where it belongs, but that'll probably be as much out and aboutness as I'm going to be up for.
Tags: domestic stuff, medical stuff
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