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Did the usual Good Friday lunch with Jeanne and John at City Center today - we've been getting together these last few years for lunch since the Incredible Shrinking Minicon's been downtown - and talked a lot about Anime Detour and Minicon 40, which they tell me will be run by Greg Ketter. They also put the kibosh on the rumor I'd heard and relayed in a previous post, which was good to hear because I didn't think Greg was that kind of guy. Some other MNSTF types, maybe, but not Greg.

John did get annoyed with me when I mentioned that we might schedule AD 2005 opposite Minicon, since the population of fans we're drawing on is 99% unaware that Minicon even exists, and probably wouldn't care to go even if they were aware of it, since Minicon gave up trying to attract that kind of "fringefan" long years ago. I know John would like to attend both AD and Minicon (and I'd like him to attend) but staff has to do what's best for the membership, and if that means going head-to-head with Minicon 40 I don't think it's going to affect either convention all that much. Some people will get their noses out of joint, and some other people will see it as a thumb in the eye of MNSTF, in reality it will be just a matter of getting a good hotel at a time that suits our guests and our membership. And that has to be my first priority.

Speaking of which, the second part of the post-mortem is tomorrow at 1 PM, and we'll probably get through the rest of this year's problem before moving on to the fresh problems of the 2005 convention. Whee.
Tags: the bush of fandom

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