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Ann Althouse spent her spring break in Austin (start with this post) and just keep scrolling) and it reminds me that one of these days I want to spend a month wandering around Texas.

I used to say when I was a young soldier that the three main attractions of the Lone Star State were beef, beer and broads, but that was some thirty years ago and I'm not that young soldier any more - can't drink beer or chase women like I did back in the day, so these days I'd have to substitute baseball and barbecue. There's a lot of other stuff to see in Texas, God knows - it's a bigger place than a lot of countries I've been to, for one thing, with whole books dedicated to all the weird and cool things to be found there. I'd like to see the Astrodome before they tear it down, catch some ball games in Fort Worth, Houston, San Angelo and a few other towns in what used to be the Texas-Lousiana League.

Speaking of Houston, it occurs to me that I know a few more folks there now than I used to, which is another reason to drop by there.

I also wouldn't mind taking a look at Goodfellow AFB again. I spent three months there, mostly drunk, hung over, in class, stuffing my face, sleeping, or some combination of the above; I also managed to make a few memories that didn't get washed away by all the beer, Mad Dog and tequila I was drinking then. In a lot of ways it was the best three months of my life, and yeah, I actually did know how good I had it, which meant I appreciated it all the more.

So, yeah, Texas. Someday, before I die, probably in a package with Lousiana and New Mexico so I can see Mom's side of the family while some of them still remember me. :3
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