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Yeah! I knew that!

So I went out to get some fixings for this week's lunches, only to find that the Cub was closed. I don't know why that surprised me; I should have expected it after seeing the signs up at Wal-Mart advising customers that they'd be closing early on Easter Saturday and staying closed until Easter Monday. Nobody in their right mind would have expected Cub to be open if Wal-Mart was closed, but then I have been feverish these last few days.

Which probably explains why there's a Badger parked in my hangar...the space freighter that gets bigger and faster the better you are at piloting it. WTF. I'm not sure why I bought the damn thing to carry all my new blueprints and a slightly used mining frigate* home from Minmatar space either, but it seemed like a good idea at the time. Will probably get stashed at JLO or the Epsipost in Q4C to assist with ninja mining escapades.

*Did I mention the smartbombs? I bought some smartbombs because they looked cool and could be resold for mad bags of cash to battleship and dreadnaught pilots looking to snuff some annoying fighters.
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