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I want those two hours of my life back, you fuckers.

Next time P offers advice on what I should do when I'm sick, I'm going to listen. Not doing so last night wasted two hours of my time that I could have spent productively jewing it up on my home turf or (better yet) sleeping while the Keflex laid the smackdown on this most recent cellulitis outbreak.

I hope there were spies in the crowd of 100+ goons who wasted their time last night in 9-9 and XGH x'ing up for a pre-announced fleet op. If there were, they've got to be convinced we're an enormous bunch of inept, drunken dorks who wouldn't beat anyone if we didn't get massive support from our Russian allies. I hauled my shiny new EW cruiser all the way down from 1v to 9-9, and then further down to XGH hoping for some head-banging, ship-killing fleet action and instead wound up uselessly orbiting a gate in the XGH system waiting for people to sort out who was going to be in whose gang. We had a fleet of over 100 goons split into three wings and 14 squads, which by 10 PM hadn't accomplished shit except for destroying two towers abandoned by our LV enemies last month. Oh, yeah, there were the four rats who respawned at the gate where 50 bored goons promptly tore them to pieces for lack of anything better to do.

The fleet finally split up about 10 PM (when most of the Euros originally commanding finally staggered off to bed) into two smaller fleets which then headed out to parts unknown. Me, I'd seen enough and my leg hurt, so I laid up in the allied station at 0-W for the night and came home to 1v this morning. Aside from getting a piece of the rats, the only thing I accomplished that night was dropping by the Russian factory station in Detorid (DG-8VJ) with some missiles for my new Caracal and buying some insurance for it. Otherwise, pretty much a complete waste of my time and effort along with everyone else's. We didn't even hunt down and kill those Chinese ISK farmers who were trespassing in our space. Screw this nonsense.

All that having been said, I'm still going to shell out a few bucks for he 90-day timecard. As you can tell from my other posts, it's mostly been a good time.
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