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this is my life, and it's ending one minute at a time

Unfortunately those minutes are taking about 3600 seconds each to go by because there's absolutely nothing going on here at the Evil Banking Neighbor. Jesus. I could be home doing dishes, picking up the apartment, throwing out the trash...ah, who am I kidding, I'd be playing internet spaceships. (Brutal honesty itp.)

I'm moving forward on some stuff, though. I managed to get my student loan consolidation application in today. All hail the interwebs! The Evil Banking Neighbor may suck donkey balls when it comes to FTF customer service, but they definitely rule on the Internet. Which is good, because it reduces the chances that customers will come in, have to deal with a "personal banker" and leave with the full intent of coming back with some well-armed friends to blow the place up and kill everyone in sight. Yeah, every month we get a bunch of feel-good stories on the intranet about some banking type who saves a little old lady from a scam artist or totally changes some family's life after magically repackaging all of their staggering load debt into a tidy little bundle with easy monthly payments, but all of those people seem to be somewhere else when I need help around here. (Bitch, bitch, bitch.)

Am reconsidering not getting a desktop unit before I move East, but so much of what's out there comes with Vista pre-installed. I'm just not down with that. XP Home is about as far as I want to go down the OS path, and for that matter if I could find my copy of Win2K Pro I'd go with that. Unfortunately, I lack the 1337 hardware skillz to build my own box and so must rely on what's on sale out there. There's some attractive stuff on newegg.com, but we'll see. I need to hold on to some of my option money for Convergence and the move east. On the other hand, I don't want to run Cowzilla into the ground either.
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