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everybody loathes my name

So apparently P was chatting with some sergeant at her work and the subject of EVE came up. P mentioned that both jamestrainor and I were obsessed with the game, and the sergeant perked up. "Oh, really? What alliance are they in?"
His response was a yelp as he physically recoiled. "Goonfleet? They're EVIL!"
"Really. What alliance are you in?"
"Never heard of it."
I told her later it was probably some pubbie company that never stuck its nose into 0.0, so who cared?

I guess it's better to have a reputation for evil than no reputation at all, but still...some peoples' ignorance is appalling. If we're evil, what does that make BoB, which has benefitted from no end of finagling by the game masters to the detriment of us and others? Maybe I should suggest that as a recruiting slogan: "RedSwarm: The lesser evil!"
Tags: eve, family drama
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