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Chairman of the bored

It has been excruciatingly slow this morning at work, and something (probably the air pressure) is making my left knee hurt like hell.

I had been picking away at an extended essay on the various things that have gone into making me the diehard blue-shirt Republican that I am, but I finally decided just to spike the damn thing. Too much of it is personal stuff relating to my family, and besides, I have come to believe that it doesn't really matter what I say on the subject. Most of the people on my friends list aren't going to be swayed by what I have to say, and I don't think it will really do that much to help them understand me because our backgrounds are just too different.

And that's okay. We can get along just fine talking about comics and horror and SF and movies, and just stay off the political subjects. We're not talking about complete howling moonbats, after all.
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