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Wombats go on killing & looting spree, fraps at 11

So my goonfleet buddy from Calgary, Ex2 Wombat (which turns out to be short for Evil Electric Wombat) just upgraded to a Brutix and was online last night when I logged in to update my training before going to bed. He invited me to go ratting with him and another goon, so we went out and lo, the rats fell in windrows before us. Yea, even battleships and battlecruisers got whacked, for we had two missile cruisers riding overwatch on his Brutix, and the killing was good. I got a lot of useful stuff from the loot, including an improved explosive shield hardener and some heavy missiles. I also got a lot of junk which I melted down into minerals in hopes of being able to make some ammo I could sell, but evidently I lack the correct role to make the manufacturing complex at 1v do my bidding. Don't know WTF is up with that. Anyway, I made about 4 million ISK in bounties and loot sales, which isn't bad for a couple hours online. I may actually have enough to buy a Blackbird EW cruiser, outfit it properly, and go on one of the fleet ops later this week.
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