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legal bullshit

My employers' legal department needs to die in a fire because they can't understand plain English, and I can't be more specific than that. God fuck. I hate them. Half a day's PTO wasted getting paperwork together for these assholes.

In other news, after being pleasant and sunny and holy crap EIGHTY DEGREES most of the way through Detour weekend and into Monday, the weather has decided to go out like a Qwghlm lamb, i.e. damp and cold. This sucks.

No progress on anything domestic last night, but I did throw out a bag of garbage this morning on my way out the door to SA for refueling of Sportage and self. SuperMom's biscuit & gravy handmeal is okay but nothing to write home about, whereas the fajita flatbread sandwich at Arby's is full of disgusting pimento cheese crap and fail. They seem to have tried to make some lame TexMex fusion Philly cheese steak, which is just blasphemous. It would have been cooler to just have the peppers, pepper jack cheese, onions and beef without the horrible Cheez Whiz analogue. Yuck.
Tags: domestic stuff, food, ihtfp
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