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So much to do, so little energy

Felt totally unmotivated at work this morning and so spent most of the first four hours catching up on webcomics. Had lunch with Laura at the Bamboo Garden, wound up talking about the convention while shoveling sesame chicken into my cakehole, then went back to my cube and managed to be somewhat productive until my boss left at 4 and I hit the wall of insufficient sleep. Microsleep ensued.

I have a ton of stuff that needs doing at home - laundry, dishes, and garbage all need to be dealt with, but all I want to do is sleep. Also need to refill the gas tank and pick up some prescription refills at Wal-Mart. *groan*

There's also convention cleanup to be done. I started writing the AAR for Registration and lost interest about a page and a half into it, and the data entry for walk-ups is just going to have to wait. I'll do it tomorrow, or Thursday. Maybe. Maybe not.

Inertia Level (ATTN redmartel): Ultraviolet
Hate Level (ATTN geekboyonline): Green
Tags: anime detour, domestic stuff, work
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